Spritual growth through dream analysis.


Every night when we dream, our logical, rational mind is set aside and our soul (Higher Self) communicates candidly with our subconscious. Through this conversation we are being offered infallible guidance in the areas of health, life purpose and spiritual gifts and shown which self-imposed limitations to overcome. By tuning into our dreams and following their guidance, problems can be avoided and life can become smoother and more fulfilling.   

There are four main rules to dream interpretation: dream details are always a reflection of the dreamer, dreams show cause and effect, the dreamer is responsible for everything in their dream and the dreamer needs to accept what they avoid in a dream . If a dreamer is experiencing difficulties in the area of relationships, for example, the dream will most often show where the problem originated (often with a parent) and the effect that this past-influence is having on the dreamers life today. This is to give the dreamer the opportunity to fix the problem at its root. The same is true for health issues. Dreams will warn of health issues such as cancer, stroke and heart attack years in advance and show us the steps to prevent it.


April is a dream interpreter based in Ohio. She had a spiritual awakening in 2012 and began analyzing her own dreams for messages. In 2015, after googling the right dream symbol, destiny led her to an amazing teacher who showed her how to use her dreams to identify her life purpose, spiritual gifts and blocks. April became a passionate dream interpreter and began converting her skills into services, while healing her own core wounds. April uses a combination of channeling and universal dream symbols to give dreamers the important messages their soul is sending them each night. April would love to tell you what your dreams are saying about your life purpose, spiritual gifts, health, relationships, past lives, career and more! This level of dream interpretation is like visiting a psychic every night! Proper analysis requires more than simply stringing symbols together. I studied and continue to study the Michael Sheridan Method of Dream Interpretation (techniques, symbols and workshops developed by Michael Sheridan), which can be found here.


Dream Interpretation: Single dream $35

Dream Packages Deals

One month: $150 

You will get you unlimited dream work for a month.  It works like this: you send me your dreams when you have them and I will gather them to find the overarching patterns, themes and limiting beliefs in your life.  Dreams often spread an important message over several sleep sessions. We’ll be able to see if there are very pressing future-health-issues that need to be dealt with now and what your life purpose is, as well as how to start working towards it.  With this package, we will work together to dig into the deepest meaning of your dreams so that you will find the best healing guidance for your life.  It doesn’t matter if you have one dream a week or dream every night, this monthly deal package gets all of your dreams analyzed for the month.  We will meet once a week, over the phone or skype, to discuss everything that comes up.  Average call-sessions last one hour.  

Six months: $700

This package works just like the one month package but is an even better deal than the single dream and one month package.  It allows us to dive very deeply into all areas of your life as you grow and move away from the issues that prevented you from living your most fulfilled life.  If there is healing work that needs to be done, as related to individuals from your past, I can also guide and support you through the process called “Cutting the Ties that Bind”.  This deal will change your life.


Scientific Fingerprint Analysis: $45

Unique, unchanging and formed five months before your birth, fingerprints have been universally accepted as an infallible means of personal identification for over a century.  This newer method of self-discovery is based on 25 years of research and fingerprint statistics from more than fifty thousand hands. Like a compass that is written into your skin, a fingerprint analysis session will instantly tell us your life purpose and life lessons.  For many, this is like finally having permission to be who you’ve always wanted to be.  Once this service is purchased, I will mail you a fingerprinting kit which you can complete and then mail back or you can email or text the images of your prints.  If you live in the Dayton, Ohio area, we can meet in person.