Bizzare dream about eating feces, any meaning?

Dreaming about feces (or poop) indicates bad habits or doing something that endangers your health. Some dream dictionaries also interpret this dream as a sign of underestimating yourself, especially in front of other people. Read more:

Dream about my car being stolen

Hi Cristian, A car is a means of transport that helps us move forward. When someone steals it from us, it’s like they take away our ability to move forward or simply move in the dream direction. Your dream about the car being stolen means that something or someone is preventing you from moving forward … Read more

Dream about teddy bear being stolen

I am currently preparing an article about this dream. I’ll provide a link once it’s done. As for the interpretation. First, think about what a teddy bear means to you personally. Is it a sense of security, comfort, childhood memories, or something else? When someone steals something from you in a dream, something important has … Read more

Dream about worms coming out of my mouth

Dream about worms coming out of your mouth as a sign that you are saying things that are inappropriate or that you’re just plain wrong. It may signify that you must take a step back and reevaluate some ideas or things you have said. According to old dream dictionaries, a dream about worms coming out … Read more

I saw a person without face in my dream, what does it mean?

Dreaming of a faceless person means you are looking for acceptance. You might be feeling like you don’t fit in somewhere. Maybe you are trying to find a place where you belong. Maybe the faceless person is your guide to finding this place. Being faceless may also mean that you feel that someone is ignoring … Read more

How can we interpret dreams with mosquitoes?

The symbolism of mosquitoes in dreams can vary depending on the individual dreamer and the specific symbolism of the mosquito in the dream. Some common symbolism of mosquitoes in dreams include: 1) Feeling overwhelmed by something: Mosquitoes are typically associated with being constantly surrounded and overwhelmed by them. This can symbolize feeling overwhelmed by a … Read more

Can’t open eyes in dream

This dream clearly indicates that there is something in your life that you do not want to see. You know it’s there, and you have to face it, but you don’t want to. There may be a situation where you will be forced to face it whether you want to or not. For example, you … Read more

Dream about snake eating frog, what it means?

In dreams, a snake in symbolizes regeneration, rebirth, transformation, but also someone who resembles the behavior of a snake (a person who pursues you, stalks you, or is addicted to you.) A frog, on the other hand, in this specific dream symbolizes sacrifice or prey. You may feel helpless, vulnerable, or powerless in your waking … Read more