How To Find Puk Code On Sim Card Airtel 2021

How To Find Puk Code On Sim Card Airtel. (call from another airtel number since your sim is locked). 1) first of all goto airtel website and log in with your account details.

how to find puk code on sim card airtel
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2) after entering the moble number / service id and password / otp click on the login button. 3) now click on the account option and then click on your number.

A Lot Of Airtel Subscribers Do Not Know How To Check Their

4) then you will get your imei number and puk code of your airtel mobile number. Airtel customer care can help you out to know your airtel puk code.

How To Find Puk Code On Sim Card Airtel

Below is sim unlocking code.C
all 1991 to the idea customer care from any other idea sim and select the option to talk.Calling from an airtel line, dial 111 to make a toll free call to airtel;Carefully listen to the ivrs system and select the puk option.

Check your mobile operator’s websiteFind puk code using another mobile.Find the option which says puk.Find your puk on the sim card pack.

For getting puk code of a airtel number, send pukphonenumber to toll free number 121.For this purpose, you can use the phone of your friend, relatives, or any member of your family.From now onwards don’t worry about it, in this article you can get the solution for unlocking the puk code for your mobile number.How to block airtel lost sim:

How to puk code unlock airtel:How to unlock airtek sim puk code and how to find airtel sim puk code also there is proof and you will don’t miss the process because you skip the video raise doubts in your mind.How to unlock puk blocked sim card :However, after purchasing sim card we dispose the sim pack which should be kept safe for future use.

However, these are three methods that can be used to check the puk of the sim card being used:I explained clearly full process this is small video but full of content i beleave you must like the video,.I have lost my airtel sim card.I lost my phone a month back so i blocked my sim card then yesterday i unblocked it taking a new sim from airtel.

If you do not want to visit the airtel retailer store, you can get the airtel puk code using any other mobile.If you don’t have access to all details, you should visit your nearest network provider with your id to get your puk code.If you have the app, open it and go to your profile, you will see all your details there including your puk code.If you want to get puk code for airtel mobile then you have two option for getting puk code.

If you wronged 3 times then your sim will be locked and will ask for puk (personal unblocking key) code.If your sim is blocked and the user attempt wrong puk code up to 10 times the sim would be permanently blocked.If you’d be using another networks provider to call airtel, use this number instead, 08021500111In airtel’s case, the default puk for a sim card is 1234, which can be used to unlock the sim.

In my case, i was only asked about my date of birth.It is very easy to find your puk code by using another mobile.Just copy it and use it to unlock your sim.Just dial 121 or 111 and get connected to a customer support representative.

Make a call to the customer care number 121.Make a request for the puk code for your sim number/ mobile number.My airtel 4g has lost, i want to know the location of the lost sim card:Now select “i want to know my puk number” option;

On home screen, select more.Please note that almost all mobile operators use default pin code either 0000 or 1234.Puk codes are usually located on the sim pack housing your sim.Sign in to you your account and follow these steps to get puk code for airtel.

Sim unlock pin for all network indian operator:Take another airtel mobile number which is in normal condition.Tell them about the puk problem.The customer support agent will ask you certain questions to verify your airtel sim card ownership.

The following points are given below to recover puk code of idea.The puk code is an eight digit number, and is usually printed on the back.Then find the help & support;There is a puk code printed on the back of your sim card packaging and if you just keep that saved, you won’t have to look for other options to get your puk code.

There is only one method for the idea sim to know puk code through customer care.These packs contain your unique personal unblocking key to help in reactivating your sim when locked.This can also be changed easily.To call airtel, use the details below:

To retrieve your puk code if you’re an airtel user, call a customer service agent for assistance.Today i am going to tell you 2 ways to find your puk code easily to unblock your sim card.Try these default pin in your sim to set a password.Use your normal sim card to find the airtel puk code.

Watch airtel sim puk code kaise khole | airtel puk code unlock | airtel puk lock sim card video.Watch how to get sim network unlock puk &Where to find puk code for your sim?You can make use of any other airtel number to send this message since your sim might have been blocked already.

You can make use of any other airtel number to send this message since your sim might have been blocked already.You can simply use some less known ussd codes to get puk code in airtel.You need to call airtel customer care @ 121 and ask them for puk code to unlock airtel sim.Your pin and puk code will be on your contact details.