Mars Attacks Cards Story Ideas

Mars Attacks Cards Story. 525 backers pledged $198,002 to help bring this project to life. After nearly six decades, uprising will continue the story of earth’s struggle to free itself from the unrelenting and gruesome grasp of these alien overlords.

mars attacks cards story
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An excellent book for anyone in commercial art, especially if trading cards are your thing! An excellent overview of the mars attacks trading card line.

Art gallery cards have new images that may not fit into the regular story. But these aren’t just any trading cards.

Mars Attacks Cards Story

Factions cards look at the characters and groups that make up the expanding mars.Featuring artwork from renowned pulp artist norman saunders, 1962 topps mars attacks created a ton of controversy upon its release.In 1962, an insanely violent trading card series called “mars attacks” was painted by the noted pulp novel cover artist norman saunders.In 1962, topps released a controversial trading card series that depicted the gruesome annihilation of much of earth’s population by martian forces.

In 1962, topps released a series of cards with art by veteran pulp fiction.In addition to the art and text for original 55 cards, the 11 cards from the extended 1994 mars attacks set, with art by herb trimpe and earl norem, are included in the book.In sequence, the cards depicted the invasion of earth (a pretty obvious cold war allegory) by some just really atrociously violent martians, who did a lot of shamelessly violent things to our fair planet’s inhabitants both human and animal, and the.Invasion trading cards were divided into five sections.

Is one of the very few movies to be adapted from trading cards.It’s hard to believe that these trading cards triggered a national outcry!Many many years ago i was given a small box of cards by a.Mars attacks is a science fiction trading card set put out by topps in 1962.

Published by abrams comicarts in 2012 mars attacks celebrates the 50th anniversary of quite possibly the most famous — or infamous — bubblegum trading card collection ever published.See more ideas about mars attacks, mars, attack.Story cards feature the artwork from a variety of artists like ed repka, dan brereton and alex horley.The base cards were split into three distinct subcategories:

The cards depicted futuristic battle scenes and bizarre methods of martian attack, torture and slaughter.The cards feature artwork by science fiction artists wally wood and norman saunders.The cards feature artwork by science fiction artists wally wood and norman saunders.The cards form a story arc, which tell of the invasion of earth by cruel, hideous martians under the command of a corrupt martian government who conceal the fact from the martian populace that mars is doomed to explode and, therefore, proposes a colonization of earth to turn it into their new home world.

The first section was for the base cards, which covered a total of 95 cards.The main story, and two focus sets.The occupation set has 72 cards.The series has gained a reputation over the years for ghoulish depictions of martians annihilating cities, dogs, soldiers, and civilians, all.

The story ends with a combined earth invasion fleet attacking.This book talks about the story behind the cards, the artwork, the copywriting, the sales, and of course, the controversy.This includes 45 story cards as well as two subsets, art gallery (18 cards) and factions (nine cards).Topps must have anticipated strong parental reaction owing to mars attacks’ blood/gore content (which is effective even today!), so mars attacks cards were released carrying topp’s alter ego brand name “bubbles, inc.”.